CNEA Activities

From 27 to 31 May, 2024, the China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) successfully conducted a focused root cause analysis member support activity for Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Co.. 

Utilizing the expert support system within CNEA, the activity included expert presentations and group discussions, providing a platform for sharing best practices and mature experiences from different organizations. This approach aimed to tailor recommendations for action to the specific needs of Hongyanhe at its current stage of development.

An intensive dialogue took place between the expert team and the plant staff, culminating in the joint identification of five key learning points. In addition, three improvement actions and two reference actions were proposed to further improve operational excellence.

Using a recent operational event at the plant as a practical case study, in-depth discussions were held to refine the direction for improving the operational event reporting process. The activity achieved its objectives and was commended by plant management and staff at all levels.

(Source: China Nuclear Energy Association)