The China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA), a national non-profit social organization, consented by the State Council and approved by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, was established on April 18, 2007. It completed the re-election of the third Council of the Association in April 2017. In the past 15 years, the CNEA has adhered to rendering services as a core guidance , and built up six influential pillar branding services such as “Major Project Joint Research”, and developed eight new services such as “Vocational Skills Competition”, which are highly recognized and appreciated by the nuclear industry. In line with the standards and requirements of branding services, the CNEA strives to provide valuable added, high-quality and efficient services for the Government, the industry and its Members, and plays an important role in promoting the development of the China's nuclear energy undertakings.


The CNEA is currently of 452 Members, covering all fields of China's nuclear energy chain, and has formulated a “trinity” governance system consisting of decision-making and supervision bodies, branch agencies and routine administrative office. . The decision-making and supervisory bodies include the General Assembly of Members, the Council of the Association, and the Standing Council of the Association, and the establishment of the Supervisory Committee is underway as required. The branch agencies are composed of 5 branches and 12 specialized committees, providing corresponding guidance and support for the related services provided. The routine administrative office is the secretariat of the CNEA. There is a total of 10 Divisions in the secretariat based on the scopes of the services provided, , concurrently carrying out the daily administrative functions for the  branches and specialized committees. The CNEA has issued  132 working rules and procedures in line with  the Articles of the Association  and the Secretariat working Codes and Rules .


The CNEA has so developed that it is  a social organization with important influences on the China's nuclear energy industry, a fully trusted partner by relevant government departments and its Members, and becomes an important force in promoting the development of the China's nuclear energy. In 2020, the CNEA was awarded the advanced organization in helping poverty alleviation by the National Defense Science, Technology and Industry Bureau. In March 2021, the CNEA was for the second time awarded the 5A National Social Organization by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, and in December 2021, the CNEA was again awarded the title of “National Advanced Social Organization” by the Ministry of Civil Affairs.

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