Recently, the world’s first all-high-temperature superconducting tokamak device, Honghuang-70, has successfully performed a plasma discharge. This ground-breaking device was designed, developed and built by Energy Singularity and commissioned by China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co. Ltd. (CNEC 5). 

Honghuang-70 has performed discharge experiments using two pre-ionization techniques: local helical flux injection via an electron gun and ion cyclotron heating (ICRF). These techniques have led to the successful acquisition of the initial plasma, a critical step in the development of fusion technology.

The tokamak has a central magnetic field strength of 0.6 Tesla and a large plasma radius of 0.75 metres. Its magnet system consists of 26 high-temperature superconducting magnets, demonstrating the advanced capabilities of superconducting technology in the field of nuclear fusion.

With independent intellectual property rights and a localization rate of over 96%, Honghuang-70 is a testament to China’s innovation and self-reliance in advanced technologies. The successful operation of this device not only demonstrates the technical feasibility of high-temperature superconducting tokamaks, but also consolidates China’s leadership in the critical field of high-temperature superconducting magnetic confinement fusion. 

(Source: China Nuclear Industry Fifth Construction Co. Ltd.)