On 19 June 2024, China’s first nuclear-powered steam supply project for industrial use – “Heqi No. 1” project - was formally completed and put into operation at the Tianwan Nuclear Power Base. This project, under the stewardship of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC), represents a significant expansion in the application of nuclear power beyond electricity generation to include urban heating and now industrial steam supply.

The Heqi No. 1 project stands out as one of the pioneering “green and low-carbon advanced technology demonstration projects”. It is praised for being “green, safe, stable and cost-effective”, setting a new standard for sustainable industrial practices.

The project’s innovative design utilizes steam from the second loop of the steam turbine systems of Tianwan Nuclear Power Units 3 and 4 as the primary heat source. It incorporates a multi-isolation design between the first and second loops and the steam loop of the nuclear power plant. This ensures the preparation of industrial steam under strict physical isolation before it is transported to the petrochemical industrial base via a multi-stage heat exchange process through the industrial steam pipeline network.

This pioneering initiative effectively replaces traditional coal consumption and addresses the dual needs of heat and power sources for petrochemical enterprises, contributing to a greener and more sustainable industrial future.

(Source: China National Nuclear Corporation)