In a recent development, the China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE), in cooperation with Qinshan Nuclear Power, has successfully produced and supplied 99% purity molybdenum-99 suitable for medical applications. This was achieved by irradiating a domestically developed low-enriched uranium target in a nuclear reactor.

This achievement positions China as the world’s first country to use the critical technology to produce medical-grade molybdenum-99 in commercial nuclear reactors. It represents a major step towards China's independence from imported medical molybdenum-99, paving the way for self-sufficiency in this vital medical isotope.

Technetium-99m, known as the “diagnostic expert” in nuclear medicine, can be used for imaging and monitoring the function of body organs. It is essential for diagnosing conditions such as malignant tumors and cardiovascular disease. With an estimated utilization in over 40 million medical diagnostic procedures worldwide each year, technetium-99m relies on medical molybdenum-99 as its primary source.

(Source: China National Nuclear Corporation)