CNEA Activities

From September 13th to 16th, CNEA successfully held the "Corporate Brand Culture Construction and the Sixth Cultural Propaganda Correspondent Training Seminar" in Jiayuguan, Gansu Province. This training seminar revolves around the theme of "Brand Culture Construction and High-Quality Development of China's Nuclear Energy", focusing on discussing the construction of brand culture and strengthening the cultural confidence of the nuclear energy industry. Training courses and service satisfaction surveys have reached 100%. This training course invited Mr. Jing Yucheng, a member of the enterprise expert committee of the China Corporate Culture Research Association, Mr. Li Zhijun, a professor at the Central University of Finance and Economics, Mr. Liu Xiaocheng, deputy dean of the School of Journalism and Communication of Lanzhou University, Mr. Wan Quan, a member of the China Photographers Association and a reporter from People's Pictorial, etc.. Lectures were given from the perspectives of "Construction and Practice of Corporate Culture Theoretical System", "Corporate Brand Building and Cultural Integration", "Brand Communication of Industrial Enterprises in the All Media Era", and "Photography Practice of News, Industry, and Big Country Heavy Industries". This training is fast-paced, rich in content, and highly targeted. Through this training and study, the trainees learned professional knowledge and received spiritual baptism. (Source: CNEA)