CNEA Activities

On July 26, the first nuclear career leadership training seminar was held in Shanghai. A total of 31 trainees from nuclear power plants, engineering construction and installation, nuclear equipment manufacturers, research institutes and other units participated in the training seminar. The main content of the training course was carefully designed and optimized through multiple rounds of discussions. Senior leaders and senior experts who have long been engaged in nuclear career leadership work were invited as instructors. Combined with the new elements of safety culture construction in the International Atomic Energy Agency's "Harmonious Nuclear Safety Culture Model" and relevant guidelines such as the World Association of Nuclear Operators (WANO) "Effectiveness Characteristics of Nuclear Power Leadership", as well as the nuclear safety culture leadership of domestic nuclear power plants relevant practices are explained. This training shared good practices and successful experiences, and conducted discussions on related topics such as course setting and course optimization for this training class. The training course achieved the expected good results. (Source: CNEA)