CNEA Activities

On July 24, Mr. Zhang Tingke, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CNEA, met with William McGalwood, Director General of OECD/NEA and his delegation. The two sides conducted in-depth exchanges on issues such as the development trend of nuclear energy in China and the world, the challenges they face, and bilateral cooperation in the field of nuclear energy. Mr. Zhang Tingke comprehensively introduced the development status of China's nuclear energy and the main work of CNEA. He said that the low-carbon transformation task in China and the world is currently arduous, and nuclear energy can play an important role in improving energy security and achieving dual-carbon goals. In the future, he hopes to cooperate with NEA in nuclear energy development, technological innovation, fuel cycle, and policy support, in order to carry out in-depth exchanges and cooperation in other aspects to promote the sustainable development of nuclear energy. Mr. McGalwood said that China's nuclear energy has developed rapidly in recent years and has become a leader in the global nuclear energy industry. NEA and CNEA have established long-term exchanges. Through CNEA, NEA can fully understand the latest developments in China's nuclear energy. In the future, NEA looks forward to continuing to deepen cooperation with CNEA in the fields of technological innovation, public communication, and personnel training, and invite CNEA to participate in the NEA's recent related activities. (Source: CNEA)