CNEA Activities

From June 15th to 16th, 2023, the CNEA group standard Propaganda and international standard compilation and declaration training course was sponsored in Wuhan, Hubei Province, sponsored by CNEA and co-organized by CNNC Wuhan Nuclear Power Operation Technology Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Thermal Engineering Research Institute Co., Ltd. The purpose of this training course is to allow more industry colleagues to have a deep understanding of the positioning, significance, methods and procedures of the CNEA group standard, the compilation and declaration points of international standards, and the core content of the excellent group standards of CNEA as good example in the field of nuclear power operation, promote the progress of relevant technologies and management levels of the nuclear energy industry, as well as the output and application of excellent group standards, especially international standards, and promote the coordinated development of the group standards of CNEA and the nuclear energy industry. More than 40 trainees from 19 units, including CNNC Nuclear Power Operation Management Co., Ltd., CGN Research Institute Co., Ltd., and State Nuclear Demonstration Power Plant Co., Ltd., attended in this training. (Source: CNEA)