CNEA Activities

From February 13 to 17, 2023, the Nuclear Power Operation Branch of the CNEA carried out equipment performance monitoring and diagnostic member support activities for Sanmen NPP. The activities are organized and implemented in form of assistance visits specified in the Branch procedures. Through personnel interviews, document reviews and discussions between two sides, the activities include evaluating the systems setup, organizational operation, technology implementation, platform informatization and other topics proposed by the power plant relating to system equipment performance supervision and diagnosis management, and sharing the knowledge and experience of the expert team. During the activities, the expert team summed up 45 findings. After discussing between experts and power plant personnel, 16 improvement suggestions were put forward for the existing problems and the areas expected by the plant for improvement, providing clear directions for the improvement of management in the field of power plant system equipment performance monitoring, and promoting the normalization and standardization of power plant system equipment performance monitoring. The activities have achieved the expected good results and been highly recognized by the leaders and staff at all levels of the power plant.

(News Source: China Nuclear Energy Association)