CNEA Activities

From February 7th to 12th, 2023, the China Nuclear Energy Association (CNEA) organized to complete the peer assessment of the nuclear safety culture to Sanmen NPP. The assessment team is composed of 16 experts from CNEA and the three major nuclear power groups. Nuclear safety culture is an important tool for improving the safety level of nuclear power plants. CNEA has always placed in promoting the industry's nuclear safety culture level as its long-term focus. A total of 1,137 questionnaires were analyzed in this assessment, with a response rate of 99%. 123 personnel interviews and 6 activity observations were carried out. A total of 965 valid data points were obtained from the on-site assessment. The overall situation of the nuclear safety culture construction of Sanmen NPP was evaluated, providing support to improve the nuclear safety culture of Sanmen NPP, and it also was an opportunity for domestic peers to exchange and learn. The assessment has also accumulated valuable experience for CNEA to continue to carry out peer review of nuclear safety culture.

 (News Source: China Nuclear Energy Association)