According to the IAEA website, on October 14, the IAEA and the CIDCA (China International Development Cooperation Agency)signed a memorandum of understanding on exchanges and cooperation. This is the first time that the IAEA has signed a cooperation document with a member country’s foreign development assistance agencies. IAEA Director General Grossi said that he will take this opportunity to further strengthen cooperation with China, give full play to the technological and resource advantages of both sides, and help developing countries achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

The memorandum of understanding lasts for five years (2021-2026), and is jointly signed by Mr, Grossi, the IAEA Director General and Mr. Luo Zhaohui, the Director of the CIDCA. It will make positive contributions to strengthening bilateral cooperation, jointly promoting the application of nuclear science and technology and capacity building of member states. The key areas of cooperation include: helping developing countries to carry out undergraduate and graduate degree education, supporting developing countries to establish training networks, organizing relevant technical training, receiving scientific and technological visits, refresher training, and providing expert support and services. In addition, the memorandum of understanding also provides the possibility for the implementation of initiatives such as the "Nuclear Technology Response to Plastic Pollution Initiative" and the "Comprehensive Action on Zoonotic Diseases" by Chinese support organizations. (News source: National Atomic Energy Agency)