With the intensity of Na-22 beam on the reaction target amounting up to 200,000 per second, the first accelerated radiation beam physics experiment was successfully conducted on the tandem accelerator upgrading project in China Institute of Atomic Energy (CIAE).


                 (Image: CIAE)

It marks that the facility has successfully achieved its joint –Trilogy- role to be cyclotron, on-line isotope separator and the tandem accelerator. With the capability to provide high quality beam, it lays a solid foundation for future radioactive nuclear beam based research such as nuclear reaction, nuclear structure and nuclear astrophysics.

As one of the four innovation technology platforms, tandem accelerator upgrading project can be widely used not only in nuclear physics fundamental research, but also in extended application research fields as material science, life science, aerospace and etc. As the only on-line isotope separator nuclear beam device in China and the first one in Asia, it can provides ‘bullets’ resource for the study of unstable nuclides’ properties.

In addition, with more innovative physics experiment to be done and more supporting service to be provided to other experimental users, a growing number of experimental result will be produced on the upgrading platform, which will further promote the nuclear physics research in China.