Recently, "Research and Development and Demonstration Application of Underwater Detection Robot System for Large-diameter and Long Diversion Tunnel" in the National Key Research and Development Program "Intelligent Robot" key project led by CGN Research Institute Co., Ltd. completed the demonstration application in the diversion tunnel of the Jinping II Hydropower Station on the Yalong River. All performance indicators of the robot meet the requirements of on-site engineering inspection. In the demonstration application of the diversion tunnel of Jinping II Hydropower Station, by designing an immersive virtual drill platform with integrating multi-sensor information, the robot was guided to complete dynamic collision avoidance, directional navigation and precise positioning in achieving high-precision, high-efficiency, full-coverage water unmanned intelligent patrol inspection. It has effectively improved the identification and positioning accuracy of defects, and greatly enhanced the efficiency of underwater inspection operations. Finally, an underwater inspection with a depth of 30 meters and a length of 3 kilometers was successfully completed in the diversion tunnel of Jinping II Hydropower Station , creating a new record of similar inspection test in China.

(News Source: China General Nuclear Power Group CO., LTD.)