1General Secretary Xi Jinping listing of achievements included nuclear power technology shows that China has entered the ranks of innovative countries

On January 24, 2022, General Secretary Xi Jinping delivered an important speech at the 36th collective study of the Party Politburo on striving to achieve the goal of carbon peak and carbon neutrality, pointing out the active, safe and orderly development of nuclear power. On October 16, 2022, in the report of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, General Secretary Xi Jinping elaborated on 10 major achievements, including nuclear power technology, indicating that China has entered the ranks of innovative countries.

                                (Source: Xinhua News Agency)



2The State Council approved the commencement of 10 nuclear power units to a new record in 2022

On April 20 and September 14, 2022, at the Executive meetings of the State Council, It was successively decided to approve Sanmen NPP Project in Zhejiang province, Haiyang NPP Project in Shandong province, Lufeng NPP Project in Guangdong province, Zhangzhou Phase II NPP Project in Fujian province and Lianjiang Phase I NPP Project in Guangdong province, which were listed in the national nuclear power development plan and were in mature conditions after years of preparation and comprehensive evaluation and review. So far, a total of 10 units had been approved for start in 2022, which is the largest number of units approved to start construction in a year.

(Source: Xinhua News Agency, CCTV News)



3The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Modern Energy System emphasizes active support for the development of nuclear energy

On January 29, 2022, the National Energy Administration issued the "The 14th Five-Year Plan for the Modern Energy System", emphasizing the need to actively and orderly promote the construction of coastal nuclear power projects, actively promote advanced reactors demonstration projects such as high-temperature gas cooled reactor, fast reactor, modular small reactor, offshore floating reactor, promote the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy in clean heating, process heating, seawater desalination and other fields, and promote the optimization, upgrading and demonstration application of key technologies of Generation III nuclear power plants, support the early research and development of controlled nuclear fusion, and actively carry out international cooperation in nuclear energy.

(News source: National Energy Administration)





4The first batch of 4 domestic and foreign units of Hualong No.1 fully completed and put into operation

On March 25 and April 18, 2022, with the commercial operation of Fuqing Nuclear Power Unit 6 and the provisional acceptance of K3 Unit in Karachi, Pakistan, it marked the first batch of Hualong No. 1 four units both at home and abroad had been full completion of construction and put in operation, laying a solid foundation for the formal signing of the general contract of Hualong No.1 units between Argentina's nuclear power enterprises and relevant enterprises of CNNC on February 1, 2022.

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5China's first domestically produced CAP1000 simulated fuel assembly successfully came off the line

On April 26,2022, the China's first domestically produced CAP1000 simulated fuel assembly was successfully off the line at CNNC North Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. All indicators met the requirements of the technical specification, laying a foundation for ensuring the supply capacity of CAP1000 nuclear fuel assemblies. It is an important milestone for the full realization of the localization of the China's CAP1000 fuel assembly manufacturing technology.

(Source: CNNC North Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd.)





6China's comprehensive utilization of nuclear heating and steaming shew a good development momentum

Following the realization of nuclear heating by Haiyang Nuclear Power Station and Qinshan Nuclear Power Station, on May 27, 2022, the process steam supply project using the steam of units 3 and 4 of Tianwan Nuclear Power Station as the heat source started construction in Tianwan Nuclear Power Station; On November 1, 2022, Hongyanhe Nuclear Power Station supplied heat to 20000 urban residents nearby, and Shidaowan High Temperature Gas Cooled Reactor Demonstration Project supplied heat to its own production and office buildings; On December 15, 2022. the China's first nuclear energy process heating project began to provide heat to many industrial enterprises in Haiyan County.

(Source: CNNC, CGNPC, SPIC, China Huaneng)


7China's medical isotope production ushered in a new stage of rapid development

On October 28, 2022, the China's largest isotope production base started construction in Qinshan Nuclear Power Station. It is planned to build five isotope production lines, including cobalt-60, carbon-14, iodine-131 and strontium-89. On December 16, 2022, the SPIC Medical Isotope Production Project was launched in Chongqing High-tech Zone. Based on the independent research and development of advanced strong flow accelerator, the Project will produce new medical isotopes such as lutetium-177, actinium-225, radium-223 and germanium-68 in batches.

(News source: CNNC, SPIC)




8New breakthrough made in the scientific research of China's new generation of "artificial sun" device

On the afternoon of October 19, 2022, the plasma current of the China's new generation "artificial sun" device (HL-2M) exceeded 1 million amperes (1 megaampere), creating a new record for operation of the China's controllable nuclear fusion device, marking another important step towards to the fusion ignition in the China's nuclear fusion research and development.With this forefront technical level, it ranks among the first square in the world.

(Source: Xinhuanet)


9CNEA became one of the first 10 typical associations and chambers of commerce recommended by the Ministry of Civil Affairs

The China Nuclear Energy Association was once again awarded with the title of "National Advanced Social Organization" by the Ministry of Civil Affairs and was invited to delivery a speech on its experience at the commendation conference. As the first group of 10 associations and chambers of commerce recommended by the Ministry of Civil Affairs, the CNEA was pushed on the "China Social Organization Dynamic Platform" and accepted the first follow-up evaluation of the Ministry of Civil Affairs on the national 5A level social organization. The advanced position of the CNEA in national social organizations has been further consolidated.

(Source: China Nuclear Energy Association)



10Shidao Bay HTGR Dual Reactor Reached Initial Full Power Operation for the First Time

On December 9, 2022, the reactors of Huaneng Shidao Bay HTGR Demonstration Project reached its initial full power, realizing stable operation under the mode of "two reactors with one steam turbine", verifying that all systems of the Demonstration Project meet the design requirements to lay a foundation for the Project to be formal operation.

(Source: China Huaneng)