CNEA Activities

From July 4th to 8th, 2022, the National level Skills Competition – the National Nuclear Energy System Nuclear reFuelling Operation Vocational Skills Competition was held at Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base. This competition is guided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security and the Ministry of Ecology and Environment (NNSA), hosted by the China Nuclear Energy Association and the China Employment Training Technical Guidance Center, undertaken by the China General Nuclear Power Corporation(CGNPC), and organized by the CGNPC Nuclear Power Operations Co., Ltd. The opening ceremony of the competition opened two venues in Beijing and Shenzhen, in the form of video connection and synchronous live broadcast. Mr. Zhang Tingke, Vice Chairman and Secretary General of CNEA and Director of the Organizing Committee of the Competition, delivered an opening speech, and Mr. Huang Xiaohang, Deputy Director for Safety of the CGNPC, delivered a welcome speech. 12 teams and 36 players from three Nuclear Power Corporations participated in the competition. After 5 days of competition, 3 people who are are He Taifeng, Yang Peng and Zheng Haiquan won the first prize of individuals; 5 people ie won the second prize of individuals; 7 people won the personal third prize.

News source: China Nuclear Energy Association