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According to the news from the WeChat public account of Yantai Development and Reform Commission on May 2, 2022, "State Power Investment Corporation (CPIS) Nuclear Power Co., Ltd." completed the procedures for changing the industrial and commercial registration in relocating from Beijing to Yantai, and successfully obtained a new version of the business license, marking the official settlement of CPIS Nuclear Energy Headquarters in Yantai. In September 2021, the headquarters of SPIC signed the Deepening Strategic Cooperation Agreementwith Shandong Province. In October of the same year, CPIS and Yantai Municipal People's Government signed the "Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral" Comprehensive Cooperation and Project Investment Development Agreement, and decided to move the CPIS Nuclear Energy Headquarters to Yantai, Shandong; On December 30, 2021, Mr. Li Ganjie, Secretary of Shandong Provincial Party Committee, and Mr. Qian Zhimin, Chairman of CPIS, personally inaugurated the establishment of the Nuclear Energy Headquarters Base of CPIS in Yantai.

News source: China Energy News