CNEA Activities

On November 23, the CNEA (China Nuclear Energy Association) and the TNESTA (Taiwan Nuclear Energy Science and Technology Association) held an information exchange meeting through video. The meeting was co-chaired by Mr. Zhang Tingke, Vice Chairman and Secretary-General of CNEA, and Mr. Chen Bucan, Chairman of TNESTA. 


Mr. Zhang Tingke introduced the main work of CNEA in 2021 and cooperation proposals for 2022. Mr. Long Maoxiong, Deputy Secretary-General of CNEA, reported on the current status and prospects of nuclear power development in the mainland. Mr. Song Dalun, CEO of TNESTA, introduced the current status of nuclear power in Taiwan and the work of the TNESTA. Both sides agreed that nuclear energy will definitely play an important role in the context of global carbon reduction. The two parties hope to continue to maintain information exchanges in the following areas, such as nuclear power plant operation and maintenance and decommissioning, low- and medium-level radioactive waste management, personnel training, public communication, and nuclear technology applications, etc., and develop relevant cooperation when appropriate. (News source: China Nuclear Energy Association).