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On November 17, the 8th East Asia Nuclear Energy Forum hosted by the Japan Atomic Industry Forum (JAIF) was held in a video format. Mr. Zhang Tingke, vice chairman and secretary-general of China Nuclear Energy Association, was invited to attend the conference and delivered a keynote speech. The report detailed the current status, trends and prospects of nuclear power development in mainland China. This forum invited 12 experts from China, Japan, South Korea and Taiwan area. They gave reports on the current status and prospects of nuclear energy development in East Asia, radioactive waste management, research and development of advanced nuclear energy and modular small reactor technology, Fukushima wastewater treatment and decommissioning. Representatives of all participating parties conducted in-depth exchanges on waste treatment, technological innovation and other issues of common concern. A total of about 110 Chinese representatives from nearly 50 units were invited to attend the conference.

Mr. Zhang Tingke, on behalf of the China Nuclear Energy Association, said in the summary that, first, nuclear energy, as an efficient, clean and low-carbon energy source, can effectively promote the realization of the dual-carbon goal. East Asia should jointly promote the safe, efficient and sustainable development of nuclear energy. Second, nuclear energy has broad prospects for comprehensive utilization in the fields of seawater desalination, heating, hydrogen production, and technological innovation. All parties in East Asia should strengthen technological innovation and actively promote the construction of advanced reactor demonstration projects such as SMR. Third, East Asia should strengthen exchanges and cooperation in important areas such as nuclear fuel cycle. Mr. Zhang Tingke finally emphasized that the East Asia Nuclear Energy Forum, as a non-governmental organization in East Asia, should continue to deepen the concept of a community of shared future for nuclear energy safety in the East Asia region, take ensuring nuclear energy safety as a common mission, and build an effective platform for promoting nuclear energy exchanges and cooperation in the region. (News source: China Nuclear Energy Association)