According to a report from Baoji TV on October 9, recently, the first phase of SPIC Haiyang Nuclear Power completed the second cycle refueling and loading 128 sets of fuel assemblies. The first batch of 33,792 domestic nuclear-grade zirconium materials used in the assemblies was produced and supplied by the State Nuclear Power Zirconium Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of SPIC. The two units achieved full power operation for 1030 days, and successfully completed the first cycle operation of the full-life domestic nuclear-grade zirconium material in the reactor.

The State Nuclear Zirconium Industry, located in Baoji High-tech Zone, is specialized in the R&D and production of zirconium materials. It has broken through the technical barriers of nuclear-grade zirconium materials manufacturing, completely solved the passive situation of restricted imports of zirconium materials for nuclear power plants, and realized the national strategic goals. This refueling shows that the quality of nuclear-grade zirconium products is safe and reliable, and that it has achieved a good performance in reactor cycle operation. It indicates that China has formed a stable and reliable batch supply capacity of nuclear-grade zirconium materials. (News source: Baoji TV Station)