On October 12, Mr. Zhang Kejian, Director of the National Atomic Energy Agency of China, and Mr. Grossi, Director General of the International Atomic Energy Agency, jointly witnessed the signing of an agreement between the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Beijing Geological Research Institute of the China National Nuclear Corporation in the form of a video conference, designating the Beijing Institute of Geology of China National Nuclear Corporation as the "IAEA High-Level Waste Geological Disposal Collaboration Center".

At present, the internationally recognized solution of radioactive waste treatment is to carry out geological disposal in a stable geological body hundreds of meters underground. China has continued to carry out exchanges and cooperation with the IAEA in the selection and evaluation of geological disposal sites for high-level radioactive waste, the design and construction of underground laboratories, the research and development of buffer materials, and has cultivated a group of scientific research backbones and professionals. China's technical capabilities in the field of radioactive waste management, especially in the field of geological disposal of high-level radioactive waste, have entered the forefront of the world.

In June 2021, the Beishan high-level radioactive waste geological disposal underground laboratory approved by the National Atomic Energy Agency officially started. Beijing Geological Research Institute of China National Nuclear Corporation is responsible for the design and construction. After its completion, it will become the world's largest and most versatile underground laboratory. (News source: CCTV net)