On October 8, 2021, a spokesperson for Bradwell Power Generation Co. Ltd. stated that the UK's General Design Assessment (GDA) for the design of China's "Hualong No.1" was expected to be completed in early 2022.

According to the plan, the Bradwell B nuclear power project plans to build two "Hualong No. 1" units with a total installed capacity of 2.4 GWe, with 66.5% and 33.5% of shares held by the UK EDF Energy and the China General Nuclear Power Corporation. The two companies have not yet stated when the project will start or be put into operation.

The spokesperson pointed out that the public consulting phase of the "Hualong No. 1" evaluation had ended in September 2021.

The GDA process is divided into four stages. During the period, the UK Nuclear Regulatory Office (ONR) will analyze the design of the new reactor to ensure that the design meets the UK's safety, security and environmental protection standards. The GDA application for the "Hualong No. 1" design was formally submitted to ONR on November 19, 2018. (News source: Nuclear Energy Committee of the China Energy Research Society)