March 30th 2016 -  Today, China General Nuclear Power Corporation (“CGN”) and ?EZ Group (“CEZ”) signed a Memorandum of Understanding on the Comprehensive Collaboration in the Field of Renewable and Nuclear Energy (“MOU”)  in Prague, witnessed by the Chinese President Xi Jinping and Mr. Milos Zeman, President of the Czech Republic.

The MOU states the long-term collaboration in nuclear energy, including information and experience exchange on the procurement, construction, operation and maintenance, training, overhaul and transformation of nuclear power plants, as well as exploring potential joint investment opportunities and collaboration in the field of renewable energies such as wind and solar.

The Czech Republic has a strong history in nuclear power with six nuclear reactors generating about one-third of the country’s electricity.  CGN is looking forward to introduce Hualong 1 Technology to the Czech Republic, and actively participate in the development and construction of new nuclear projects at Dukovany and Temelin, and other opportunities across the region.

In September 2015, CGN received confirmation from the European Utility Requirements organisation (“EUR”) that CGN’s application to certify Hualong 1 Technology for EUR approval has been officially accepted. The company also signed a contract with Škoda Praha to facilitate and assist EUR certification approval process for Hualong 1 technology.

Mr. He Yu, Chairman of CGN, indicated: “CGN is very keen to forge partnerships with leading businesses like CEZ in the Czech Republic to support the country’s national new energy strategy. We look forward to working with local players across the industry supply chain to promote the application of Hualong 1 Technology to achieve mutual success while contributing to the local economy.”

CGN also signed a Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation on Nuclear Energy on March 29 with Škoda Praha, Czech Power Industry Alliance, and China Energy Company Limited to carry out comprehensive collaboration on a number of initiatives including energy investment, energy construction, operation experience feedback and information sharing, technology certification, supply chain support, power station upgrade, and joint development in other markets.