On February 23, the HPR1000 International Summit and "Hualong trip" series activities were unveiled in Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base in Shenzhen.

  During the summit, China General Nuclear Power Corporation (CGN) recommended the technology and export support programs for ”HPR1000, the indigenously developed Gen-III nuclear technology, to more than ten target countries and partners, including the United Kingdom and Thailand. It also held a signing ceremony for FirmSys, the instrumentation and control system independently developed by China for the demonstration unit of HPR1000 demonstration project in Phase II of Fangchenggang NPP.

  CGN Chairman He Yu said that, as one of the main creators of HPR1000 technology, CGN had become an important nuclear power developer in the world, after 30 years of development, beginning with construction of the Daya Bay NPP. It had achieved good results in the international field of nuclear power. Based on HPR nuclear power technology and its thirty years of experience in design, construction and operation of NPPs, CGN has the confidence to provide better, safer and more economical solutions and services in nuclear power for international partners.

  In nuclear power construction, CGN will draw on HPR technology, to provide international customers with diverse integrated nuclear power solutions, including the mode of Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC), the mode of Building, Owning and Operation (BOO), and the mode of Building-Operating-Transferring (BOT).

  In industrial solutions, CGN will take into consideration of the production and construction capacity as well as demand of the target market countries, and customize nuclear power plans to help them maximize localization on the basis of their industrial foundation and manufacturing capacity. It will take construction of HPR as the opportunity to help them promote quality and save costs.

  In financing, CGN will provide optimal financing solutions by integrating its advantageous financing capabilities with the support of the Chinese government.

  In talent training, CGN will make efforts in offline training, information sharing, online training,  etc. It will invite partners to participate in domestic nuclear power projects by investment, construction, production and operation.

  He Yu told reporters that as Thailand invested in Fangchenggang Phase II project and the related agreement for HPR1000-based Bradwell B Project was signed with EDF, HPR had started its cause of internationalization.

  It is learnt that this is the first time for a Chinese nuclear power enterprise to invite guests and media to better understand HPR1000 and launch the massive international promotion.

  During the HPR, the delegates will gain a deeper understanding of the Daya Bay Nuclear Power Base and CGN Design Institute, China Nuclear Power Technology Research Institute, Nansha production base of Dongfang Electric Corporation (DEC), and other bases for design, manufacture and verification work related to HPR, as well as the construction site of Fangchenggang Phase II project as the HPR1000 demonstration project.