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On March 17,2022, the National Energy Administration issued the “Guiding Opinions on Energy Work in 2022”, of which the following nuclear energy-related contents are stated:

Complete and put into operation Fuqing No. 6 Unit, Hongyanhe No. 6 Unit, Fangchenggang No. 3 Unit and high-temperature gas-cooled reactor demonstration Project. On the premise of ensuring safety, actively and orderly push forward  the approval of  new coastal nuclear power projects.

Organize the implementation of the Pilot Program for Central Heating and Comprehensive Utilization of Nuclear Energy, and promote the comprehensive utilization of nuclear energy.

Continue to focus on large and important projects with nuclear power advanced technologies and the Action Plan for Nuclear Power Technology Improvement, and accelerate the R&D and demonstration of small reactor technology.

Pragmatically promote overseas cooperation in the field of nuclear power.

News source: National Energy Administration