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From September 24 to 29, the Nuclear Power Operations Branch of the China Nuclear Energy Association conducted a sand table exercise for the construction of Tianwan Nuclear Power Units 7&8. A total of 23 nuclear power engineering construction management experts from 11 units focused on the total project duration risk, construction general plan management risk, new design and first set of equipment risks, benchmarking project index system, six major controls and the effectiveness of owner control measures, and construction organizations personnel placement ability and other topics are grouped to carry out deduction . The deduction experts and all parties to the project jointly discussed and analyzed, identified potential risks in the process of project advancement, discussed the impact of risks and countermeasures, and shared good practices in the industry.

On September 28 and 29, a communication meeting on the results of the exercise was held. The meeting conducted in-depth discussions on the project construction risks identified in the exercise , countermeasures and suggestions. During the one-week exercise, the experts of the exercise team and representatives of all parties in the project worked together to analyze the potential risks and challenges of the project, and put forward countermeasures and suggestions, which greatly improved the risk management and control capabilities of the project construction and achieved good results in the exercise.. (News source: China Nuclear Energy Association)