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August 20th is theWorld Mosquito Day. The China National Atomic Energy Agency's Nuclear Technology (Sterile Insects) R&D Center established by Sun Yat-sen University applies nuclear technology to "killing mosquitoes." It sounds unbelievable. In fact, by the use of radiation in the laboratory to destroy the fertility of male mosquitoes is an application of nuclear technology. The research work of the center has been highly recognized by the International Atomic Energy Agency.


Wu Zhongdao, director of the China National Atomic Energy Agency’s Nuclear Technology (Insect Sterility) R&D Center, said, “Compared with traditional vector control methods, this approach not only just kills mosquitoes with strong selectivity, but does not produce chemical pollution, harm other beneficial organisms or their natural enemies while not inducing mosquitoes to develop resistance so that the control effect is long-lasting. It is currently the only modern biological control technology that is likely to eradicate specific mosquitoes in an area and achieves the purpose of controlling the spread of diseases." (News source: Central Broadcasting Network)