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On July 28, "I Do Practical Work for the People" important livelihood project-nuclear heating supply and energy-saving demonstration project jointly undertaken by Qinshan Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and the Haiyan County Government's started construction in Haiyan County. This is the China National Nuclear Corporation’s first nuclear energy heating and energy-saving demonstration project providing a nuclear energy solution to solve the heating problem in southern area of China. It is an important measure to help Zhejiang province achieve the goal of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" ahead of schedule and build a "zero-carbon energy, green development" national-level high-quality development demonstration zone.

The project is divided into three stages. The overall project goal is to have a nuclear heating area of 4 million square meters by 2025, covering the main urban area of Haiyan County and the entire area of Shupu Town. The first phase of the demonstration project is planned to be completed and put into operation within this year, supplying nuclear power heating for 459,000 square meters in three living areas and 5,000 square meters of apartments for the elderly in Haiyan County. By 2025, the nuclear heating area will reach 4 million square meters. (News source: China National Nuclear Corporation)