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   The Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan. [Photo/CNNC]

Unit 4 of the Chashma nuclear power plant in Pakistan operated safely and continuously for more than 265 days and 17 hours in its second fuel cycle, bettering the duration of continuous safe operations set in its first fuel cycle, according to local reports on March 20.

Constructed by China National Nuclear Corporation, also known as CNNC, the unit is China's fourth overseas nuclear power unit.

China and Pakistan have established a strong partnership in the nuclear power sector for more than three decades, CNNC officials said.

In addition to four units constructed by CNNC at the Chashma nuclear power plant, two nuclear power units are under construction at the Karachi nuclear power plant in Pakistan. They have adopted Hualong One technology, or HPR 1000, a China-developed third-generation reactor design.

CNNC officials said that the four reactors at the Chashma nuclear power plant have been operating stably and safely, with installed capacity totaling over 1.3 gigawatts.

By the end of Feb 29, 2020, the four units have generated electricity of 78,184.3 GWh, providing Pakistan with clean, efficient and safe electricity.