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SPIC hosted a contract signing ceremony on Nov. 6, 2019, during the Second China International Import Expo in Shanghai. 10 SPIC subsidiary companies including China Power International Development Limited, Shandong Nuclear Power Company etc. signed 20 agreements with the famous multinational companies such as General Electric, Westinghouse Electric etccovering nuclear energy, gas turbine, coal mining, manganese ore and four main pipelines business.


(Photo: SPIC)

Those deals includes: SPIC Guangdong Company signed a cooperation agreement with GE to introduce the 12MW offshore wind turbine technology, which is the largest single unit in the world so far. A GE final assembly base to produce electric offshore wind turbine units will be built in Jieyang, Guangdong Province. The base is also expected to facilitate GE’s further investment to establish an offshore wind power R&D centre in Guangzhou to provide O&M, engineering support services for the final assembly base. Based on the agreement signed in the first CIEE, Shanghai Electric deepened its cooperation with Kideco with  more purchases.