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On October 16, CNNC announced the construction of Hualong-1 in Zhangzhou Nuclear Power Plant in Fujian Province. It is the fifth Hualong-1 unit built by CNNC.

So far, the mass construction of the State card, Hualong-1 was officially started. It enhanced the confidence of the countries along the Belt and Road. As well, it provided new impetus for local economy boosting.


Hualong-1 is the innovated 3rd Generation nuclear power technology which fully meets the latest nuclear safety standards in the world. China completely and independently owns its intellectual property. It is one of the most significant milestones of China’s nuclear power technology innovation

So far, the construction of 4 Hualong-1 units in China and Pakistan is proceeding smoothly. They are the only 3rd Generation construction units without delay.

Zhangzhou Energy Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive energy company owned by CNNP. It is mainly responsible for the investment, construction and operation of Zhangzhou NPP. Zhangzhou NPP plans 6 3rd Generation units, each with capacity 1000MW. Two Hualong-1 units will be built in phase one. On the basis of the reference plant, several technical optimization and improvements are applied in the project. It further enhances safety and reliability.