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CNEA Activities

On March 14-15, the 11th SCWR information exchange meeting was held in Chengdu, which was co-hosted by Generation IV International Forum (GIF) Supercritical Water-cooled Reactor System Steering Committee (SCWR SSC) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) and jointly organized by China Nuclear Energy Association and the Nuclear Power Institute of China (NPIC). Upwards of 60 experts and representatives from OECD Nuclear Energy Agency, IAEA, as well as 9 countries including Canada, Russia, Germany, Finland, the Czech Republic, Spain, and China attended the meeting.

Participating experts delivered 27 special reports on SCWR design, thermal-hydraulic, materials, water chemistry, fuels, and safety and control systems, with a view to sharing technical achievements of SCWR R&D among the countries, facilitating the exchange and cooperation among the GIF and IAEA member countries, and promoting technological progress in SCWR.