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Unit 3 of Fuqing NPP has satisfied conditions for commercial operation on October 24, after 168 hours of trial-run test. Up to now, Fuqing NPP has three units put into operation, with an installed capacity of 3.27 million kW and daily generating capacity of 70 million kWh. With three units under normal operating conditions, it is expected to achieve annual on-grid energy of about 20 billion kWh.

Six million-kW-level nuclear power units are planned to be built under Fuqing nuclear power project, making it the largest nuclear power project under construction in the west coast of the Taiwan Straits. The construction was officially commenced on November 21, 2008. Units 1-4 use second-generation improved PWR nuclear power technology, while the units 5-6 adopt third-generation PWR nuclear power technology “HPR1000” with independent intellectual property rights.

After the completion of six 1000 MW nuclear units at Fuqing NPP, it achieves annual reduction of consumption of about 18 million tons of standard coal, reduction of emissions of about 51.6 million tons of carbon dioxide to the environment, reduction of emission of about 270,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and about 210,000 tons of nitrogen oxide compared to the coal-fired power plants of the same size according to the load factor of 90%. Environmental benefits are equivalent to planting 360,000 hectares of forest. Six sets generate electricity of about 50 billion kWh annually, thus meeting the local economic development needs and easing the electricity and energy transport pressures in China’s southeast coastal areas.

(Source: CNNC)