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On April 22, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has presented the final report on the general reactor safety review (GRSR) of the China National Nuclear Corporation (CNNC)’s ACP100.This is the first time Chinese self-developed small multi-purpose modular reactor technology has been reviewed by the IAEA. The ACP100 is in fact the first reactor of its kind in the world to have passed the IAEA safety review, a remarkable breakthrough in global small multi-purpose modular reactor development.

The ACP100 is designed as an innovative small pressurized water reactor, adopting a passive safety system and expected to be able to work under fierce conditions and be able to deal with multiple faults to ensure prevention of radioactivity release in the early phase or in a large scale, according to IAEA experts.

They add that the ACP100 is a small multi-purpose modular reactor relying on pressurized water reactor technology. Its design, based on previous projects and lessons of the Fukushima event, is characterized by integrated structure and safety.

The review work for the ACP100, which started in July 2015 and lasted for 10 months, was focused on the ACP100’s preliminary safety analysis report.(Source: CNNC)