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  On February 2nd, assembly was completed for the first set of depleted uranium flywheel for primary shielding pump of CAP1400 nuclear power project. Developed by China North Nuclear Fuel Co., Ltd. (CNNFC), it was found to be in full compliance with the design requirements after the balancing test. As a key component of the shielding pump motor for the third-generation large-scale advanced pressurized water reactor developed by China on its own, the result boasts complete independent intellectual property rights. Its successful development improved the operation safety and reliability of the flywheel and the primary pump, and further expanded the use of depleted uranium materials in the nuclear power industry.

  It is understood that the shielding pump is a key device for the safety of NPPs, while the structure and weight of the flywheel directly affects moment of inertia of the shielding pump. "CAP1400 large depleted uranium flywheel for primary pumps in NPPs" is a major scientific research project of China, and marks its first endeavor in manufacturing technology research using depleted uranium for the flywheel of NPPs. Undertaken by CNNFC, the project took two years to complete, after overcoming technological problems in material selection, melting and casting, heat treating, machining and assembling.

  It is reported that the large depleted uranium flywheel will be delivered to the manufacturing party of the CAP1400 primary pump for assembly verification.