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On February 15, hoisting and assembling the four main pumps of unit 1of Sanmen NPP was successfully completed.

Assembling the first batch of two main pumps of Sanmen was respectively completed on January 9 and 16, 2016. The second batch of two main pumps reached the heavy cargo wharf of the Plant on February 8, 2016. With the successful experience of the first two pumps, assembly of the second batch of pumps progressed smoothly. It was implemented by 31 steps including: removing the outer packaging, modeling for three-dimension laser measuring, installing the main hoisting device, connecting with the temporary bridge, pulling into the CV, reversing uprightly, hoisting into the SG chamber, positioning into the vehicle, etc.

The successful assembly of the 4 main pumps at the Plant indicated that the installation of the main pumps will enter the stage of chamber installation, making possible the recovery of bulk materials in the channel for main pump assembly and closer towards the cold test of the primary loop.