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From October 15th to 24th, the Peer Review Group that consisted of 35 nuclear power engineering experts finished their review work upon the project construction and management at the construction stage of Shandong Haiyang Nuclear Power Plant. The guide of the group was the vice-president Zhao Chengkun of China Nuclear Energy Association. The leader of the group was the deputy general manager Miu Yamin of Sanmen Nuclear Power Company Limited and the vice-leader was the vice chief engineer Chen Lihua of China Guangdong Nuclear Power Group Engineering Company Limited. In the November last year, Shandong Nuclear Power Company Limited presented submited the peer review application. After the course of determination of review field, peer review group pre access , document preparation and training of group members, finally the peer review ended satisfactorily.

On October 15th, the president Zhang Huazhu of China Nuclear Energy Association, the leaders of China Power Investment Corporation, all the Peer Review members and the leaders of Shandong Nuclear Power Company Limited attended the opening meeting. The president Zhang Huazhu expressed heartfelt thanks to the group members and Shandong Nuclear Power Company Limited for their preparation of the peer review. He also fully affirmed the peer review application of Shandong Nuclear Power Company Limited especially when the AP1000 project was so difficult and the construction schedule was very tight. About the current nuclear power development in China, he emphasized the important significance of nuclear power construction management and the quality of project construction. At last, he said that the peer review of China nuclear power engineering construction was improving continually. It would play an important role in ensuring the smooth construction and improving the level of management.

During the 10 days of peer review, according to < Nuclear Power Engineering Construction Performance Objectives and Criteria>, the group members got the review results through the ways such as site visits, worker interviews, document review and so on. The peer review fields included: overall project management, design management, procurement and contract, equipment supervision, equipment and materials management, civil engineering management, equipment installation management, commissioning management, production preparation, quality assurance, safety and environment management, schedule control, investment management, training and authorization, information management and risk management.

This activity was the first peer review on the construction management of China’s third generation nuclear power project. It was also the first time to do the comprehensive review including all the 16 nuclear power engineering construction fields. It would have important significance to improve the level and ability of our country's nuclear power engineering construction peer review and it also would play a meaningful role in peer review experience accumulation.